Feldenkrais for Dancers

Restoring the intelligence of the human body

• Help with short and long term injuries and pain
• Increase your awareness of yourself in movement
• Improve technique – co ordination, flow, balance, precision
• Increase your confidence, posture and breathing
• Uniting your ideas with action and creativity
• Finding or defining your unique self expression

The sessions are tailored around your needs. Whatever your level whether beginner, student or professional dancer, they are for anyone wanting to improve aspects of their movement.

Through gentle manipulations we explore your question/interest and find out what more is possible (and not yet recognised) in your body’s intelligence. There is always more! The sessions are done fully clothed, and are both relaxing and invigorating.

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour
£25 Student
£40 Professional/funded dancers

Everyone has limited unconscious movement patterns which often impact on how we get injured and how we restrict ourselves. As these patterns become unlocked a greater sense of possibility in the body emerges.

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