03Apr 2014

finding an elegant solution…

Does an elegant solution always exist? I like to think so, though its up for debate. There is certainly a moment, a phase when something is accepted, rested, seemingly resolved. The practice of Feldenkrais (in a class) involves taking your time, being curious, not rushing for an answer, feeling what is happening, being interested in […]

04Feb 2014

Living as a bundle of tensions – a word about mindfulness

Its interesting that there is now a course that can be taken in ‘mindfulness’. Many teachings, practices and therapies are based on being mindful, present to the moment, watchfulness and observing oneself. How does Feldenkrais fit in? First off Moshe (the man himself) never alluded to any kind of spiritual practice. His writings though full […]

10Dec 2013

What do you do?

What do you do with your life, I mean what actions do you spend your time doing? I will assume most people sleep, walk, brush teeth, reach in the cupboard, vacuum the carpet, sweep the ground, take a bath, shower, sit on a chair, (the floor?), sit at a desk and so on and so. […]

21Nov 2013

What do Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Gurion, Peter Brook, Yo-Yo Ma, Yehudi Menhuin and Margaret Mead have in common?

Yes you guessed it They’ve all practiced the FELDENKRAIS METHOD!

19Nov 2013

The Body of Emotion

There was a time, a long period of time in fact, when every morning I would wake with a strong sense of dread and anxiety. I would feel it in the pit of my stomach – a very potent physical sensation. What I really dreaded I’m not sure, but it was accompanied by such thoughts […]

12Nov 2013

The healing power of Feldenkrais (something close to home)

I’ve noticed my own reluctance to write this, but have decided its time! In September 2005 my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer again, the third time. I was home on a holiday visiting from New Zealand (where I was applying for permanent residency). With mums condition I decided to stay with her and wait. […]

27Nov 2012

Moving slowly

We need to be prepared to move slow enough to be able to sense what we do. Slowing down means we can become more sensitive to the way in which we are moving – how much force are we using, is it comfortable, does it feel pleasurable, is it interesting, how might we be even more […]

14Aug 2012

feldenkrais method – relieve pain, improve physical skill, increase awareness, feel energised

I trained as a professional contemporary dancer and went to a Feldenkrais class to improve my own physical skills and overcome a physical injury. I became immediately intrigued by it. People usually come to the Feldenkrais Method because they have injuries, pain, physical restriction, feel stressed, and exhausted, or they want to improve their physical […]