Individual Lessons

Functional Integration and JKA Approach for Special Needs Children and Child Development

The one to one work in the Feldenkrais method is called ‘Functional Integration‘.

Here we can address specific issues related to your movement and well being. The way of working is more specific and tailored to your needs and interests. I work with people of all ages from young children to the elderly. Some have more debilitating conditions than others. It is my belief that all people can benefit from Feldenkrais lessons whatever their skill, training, background and current condition.

Functional Integration can be beneficial for

  • Recurring and chronic joint and muscular problems
  • The  recovery process from surgery and injuries
  • Improving sleep and breathing
  • Daily actions which require good co ordination, balance, poise, (for instance walking, sitting, all daily movement)
  • Rehabilitation from strokes, MS and other more chronic neurological conditions
  • Improved performance and well being in the work place
  • Those whose professions include movement – dancers, musicians, actors, singers – who want to improve their  technique and performance
  • Other movement teachers – of forms such as Yoga, Pilates, T’ai chi, Aikido, where Feldenkrais can offer an extensive view and experience of how the body moves
  • Athletes recovering from injuries and wishing to improve their sport action/performance
  • Those wishing to have a greater understanding and awareness of themselves, how a sensory awareness of their bodies in movement can have a positive and illuminating affect on other aspects of life
Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA) for children
        The Jeremy Krauss Approach was developed by Jeremy Krauss and is
        a unique way of helping Special Needs Children learn, grow and develop,
        Education based on the work of Dr. Feldenkrais.
        The primary focus is on helping Special Needs Children develop their
        potential and abilities – physically, mentally and emotionally.
       It supports a child to learn, change and overcome developmental
       challenges of various kinds through a process of Progressive
       Developmental Abilities Formation.
Jeremy Krauss Approach, Progressive Developmental Abilities Formation 


  • An FI is approximately 60 mins
  • Fee £50

I practice in 2 places

  • 72 Princedale Rd, Holland Park, W11 4NL
  • Telegraph Hill Community Centre, Pepys Rd, New Cross Gate, SE14 5TJ

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