The Genius of the Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method is genius because it brings together a completely unique approach to allow the body to work at its absolute maximum potential.

Moshe Feldenkrais portrait
Dr Moshe Feldenkrais

What Dr Moshe Feldenkrais understood is that:

The way we move is rooted in the brain.
The brain is a plastic organ that is made for continual learning, adaptability, change and new experiences.

A lot of people don’t realise that

  • Moving with awareness improves your movement
  • With the right input exercising, sitting, getting out of chairs, walking, running could feel easy, pleasurable…
  • Getting older does not mean that our bodies necessarily become less mobile -and in fact it can be just the opposite (I can now do technical movements that I couldn’t do in my 20’s and 30’s)
  • If we improve the way we move, we could improve the way we think and feel, i.e. the body is not separate from the mind and the feelings
  • Movements that are unfamiliar to you (non habitual) create new pathways in your brain, bringing about profound changes
  • Your posture, breathing, flexibility, strength, yoga practice, dancing, walking, exercising can all start to feel easier 

Feldenkrais realised that we are all made up of unconscious complex patterns of habitual movement. As we get older usually these patterns become more and more fixed, our choices and range of movement decrease, and we get increasing numbers of injuries and limits to what we can do. Picture an aging person whose spine loses much of its flexibility, the joints become stiff, and getting up and down is difficult. Or the person who spends large amounts of time at his desk. The back, neck, shoulders all start to ache, having a knock on effect to all other movement – walking, (working out at the gym) becomes uncomfortable, even reaching into the cupboard can be painful. Or someone who likes to jog 3 times a week but her knees and ribs hurt, there are twinges in her ankle and she continues to jog, the pain getting gradually worse. Very familiar stories. Often people just leave these niggling problems until it becomes unbearable. However all is not lost! The brain has a remarkable capacity for change. And movement is rooted in the brain/nervous system. The scientific term ‘neuroplasticity’ describes this natural phenomenon.

Feldenkrais studied physics with top level scientists in Paris. He was an engineer for the British Intelligence in WW2. He studied Judo under its founder – Jigaro Kano. Kano instructed Feldenkrais to opened the first Judo school in Europe which he did in Paris. As Feldenkrais developed his own movement method he abandoned all of these already successful careers, because he knew he had formulated a remarkable method.

Nagging problems, pain and even more serious conditions and injuries can be remedied by the brain’s own innate understanding of movement. However sometimes guidance and help are needed to recalibrate the relationship between brain, muscles and bones – and this is where trained Feldenkrais Practitioners can help you